The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in the far southwest of the continent of Asia. It is bordered to the West by the Red Sea. At the East by the Arabian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. At the North by Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan. And at the South by Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies four fifths of the Arabian Peninsula with an area of more than 2,149,790 square kilometres. It has a population of 31,742,308 million people and a density of 7,9 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The southeastern part of the Kingdom is a large desert area estimated at 640,000 square kilometres consisting of sand dunes and marshes. The eastern coastal plain, which is about 610km long, consists of salt marshes and sandy areas.

The climate of the Kingdom is variable from a region to another due to the variety of its terrain and its location under the impact of the tropical highland. In general, the Kingdom has a continental climate: hot in summer and cold in winter.

The city of Riyadh is located in the center of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the headquarter of the Emirate of the Riyadh region, which is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with all the ministries, embassies and foreign consulates.

Jeddah is located on the eastern coastal plain, near the Red Sea. Being a major sea port, its primary and historical role is to be a transit point for commercial traffic. It is now the most important center of import and distribution in the Kingdom. Jeddah controls most of the Saudi economic activity with its location by the sea and its international airport.

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